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CurseDM Server And Map Pack
Single Player Episode - Reprisal
New Bagman Map - Team Big Town
Single Player Episode - Gulag
Kingpin Fifteen Years Old
Kingpin On Sale At GoG and Steam
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"CurseDM Server And Map Pack"
  posted July 19 - 8:44PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sleepwalker is currently running a CurseDM server. Here are the details:-

Server Name : -= CurseDM =-
IP :
Maxclients : 16

CurseDM is like normal death match but with the ability to curse more.
You can choose what group of curses to use from a list of characters such as Jesus, Heilman, Blunt, Nikki, Moker etc.
To use the curses just pull down the console using the tilde key (~) and type in 'commands' (without the quotes).
You will see a list of names. To use the curses for one of the names just type in 'bind x name' where x is a key you wish to use and name is the name of the curses you want to use. So if you want to use the a key and use the Heilman curses you would type in 'bind a heilman'.
Ever time you press the a key you will hear a Heilman curse.

To make this permanent you can add the line to an autoexec.cfg.
Open your kingpin/main folder and copy the autoexec file and paste it into your cursedm folder. If you dont have a cursedm folder just create one.
Open the autoexec.cfg file using wordpad and just add the line:-
bind a heilman (or which ever one you want to use)
Save and close.
Now every time you play CurseDM the a key will be your curse key :)

The server is running mainly custom maps so I have put together a map pack you can download. Some of the maps have custom skies and custom sounds wihich the server doesn't download so best to grab the map pack.
Youy can download the CurseDM server map pack from here.

"Single Player Episode - Reprisal"
  posted July 17 - 2:40AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Reprisal is the fourth installment in the five episode series of single player map packs created by Wheelbrrow.

The Story: After the incident in Europe (Gulag), the European authorities deported you back Stateside, where you were quickly tried, convicted and jailed on numerous international charges (including gun-running). But the gangs want their revenge for the deaths you caused overseas, so they have decided to break you out of your cell and execute you. Fortunately for you, they blow the wrong cell, and kill the poor sucker in the cell next to yours. Having a convenient hole blown in your cell wall, you use this opportunity to make good your escape, so now, once again, the gangs are after your ass...and this time it's personal. The only way to get them off your back is to find the gang boss and take him out, letting confusion reign as the lackeys fight for the top job.

Check the readme for installation instructions.

You can download Reprisal from here.

Tips from Wheelbarrow This map-pak begins with a small cut-scene as viewed from your jail cell. You'll witness the gang members blowing the jail wall, and the guy in the next cell walking out to thank them for freeing him. At this point the game proper begins, and you're on your own:) Some good advice is to wait until the garage owner comes out to see what all the noise is before leaving your cell..you never know how many he may take out. The opening cutscene is short, but you get it every time the game restarts if you die trying to get out. Save the game once you have successfully gotten past the thugs outside your cell to avoid sitting thru it too often.

There is also the odd 'Pawn-o-matic' here and there, so check your victims for cash! In order to play it safe with the level changes, I've now made a lot of the doors the trigger to change to the next level.

In a few spots the action is hot and heavy when you enter the level, and I found myself backing away from it straight back to the last level, so now you'll find you have to 'use' some doors/gates in order to change to some levels, avoiding the accidental move back to the last map.

Last but not least, in the last 2 maps inside the kingpins' mansion, BE SURE TO LOOK FOR HIDDEN SECRETS! These include furniture that may move aside to reveal secret caches, or the odd picture hanging on the wall hiding something behind it. That's all I'm gonna say... :)except maybe that they could be traps....

"New Bagman Map - Team Big Town"
  posted July 7 - 4:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of Kingpin I am releasing a new Bagman map.

Team Big Town is a large size, urban style, Bagman map for Kingpin.
The map is set in an urban city environment so there are many buildings, streets and intersecting passageways and a train station in the middle of the map which is the money drop area. I have included two cash drops with both money bags and cash wads included.
The map is a rebuild of my dmgdm4 map and is mirrored for Bagman.

Most of the action takes place out in the streets and station area but the are fire escapes on some of the buildings and all drainpipes can be climbed up to access some higher areas. A few of the buildings can be entered but as I said before most of the action is focused on the outside areas. There are several ways to get to each team's base including through the streets or down side corridors.

I have done my best to present a feeling of urban decay by having rubbish strewn around the place, rubble in some areas
from crumbling walls and ceilings, graffiti on many of the buildings, broken walls and bricked up windows etc.

The map uses mostly standard textures but there are a few custom textures featured.
There are also several custom sounds included.
There is a small cache of weapons and items at each base but mostly they are spread throughout the map.

Thanks to Hypov8 who helped with some layout ideas, some minor tweaking of the map and some beta testing.

I hope you enjoy this new BM map :)

You can download Team Big Town from here.

"Single Player Episode - Gulag"
  posted July 4 - 3:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Gulag is the third episode of the five pack series by Wheelbarrow. It's probably my favourite one of all five. It continues the player's story in his fight against the big crime gangs...

The Story:
There is a big meeting of gang members from all over the country planned in an old dis-used internment camp (gulag) in one of the Eastern Block countries. The gangs figure this is the only way to have such a meeting and not get interrupted by the free world authorities.
You have followed the gang members over there (because you're psychotic), to this 'gulag' on the outskirts of a large Eastern Block city, where you're determined to take out as many as you can. Airport security removed all you're weaponry prior to boarding the plane, so all you got is your trusty pipe to start with, and a bill for the removal van needed to take your weaponry from the airport to a local storage facility :)
The gang members have been made aware of a possible attack on their meetings, but they don't know who or how many, so an all-out effort has been made to get ready for the assault. Everyone is on guard, all the power has been brought back on-line, and even some of the original facilities (read: gas chambers etc.) are back in working order, so keep your eyes open, and be aware of possible traps. Some of their weapons are stored on the other side of these "facilities". You will also find the ever-present 'crates', but hey, come on, they ain't eating any of that 'foreign commie crap', and there was no way they were leaving their own 'hardware' behind.

You can download Gulag from here.

"Kingpin Fifteen Years Old"
  posted June 30 - 6:39AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Monday 30th June, is the 15th anniversary of the release of Kingpin: Life of Crime.

When it was released it was considered controversial and was banned from many large retail chains. Kingpin is a game where the company who created it dissolved on the day it was released and a game that was not readily available for several years. At least now you can get it from most of the digital download stores like GoG, Gametap and Steam ensuring it will be available for people to discover and enjoy for many years to come.

It just shows what a great game it is to survive such adversity and still have a few people around appreciating it =)

Happy Anniversary Kingpin!

"Kingpin On Sale At GoG and Steam"
  posted June 28 - 9:49AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As part of their current sales Kingpin is on sale for $4.99 US at both GoG.com and Steam.


"Single Player Episode - The Chase"
  posted June 24 - 2:19AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Chase by Wheelbarrow was the second episode in his series of single player episodes and the follow up to The Funeral.

The Story
This map-pak follows on from where the first pak finished. You have followed the head dude down thru the escape tunnel in his kitchen, and find yourself standing in an underground passage, directly below the hatch. Follow the trail of henchmen from his underground boat-house, to the bunkers of an old disused military base, where you'll hopefully have your revenge :)

Check the readme for install instructions and some hints.

You can download The Chase from here.

"Single Player Episode - The Funeral"
  posted June 17 - 2:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The Funeral, by Wheelbarrow was the first episode of a five episode single player series which just got better with each one.

The Story : You have been invited to the funeral of an enemy boss and figuring it's the right thing to do, you make a point of attending, but soon after your arrival, you start having second thoughts. Fortunately, you had the foresight to have one of you lackeys plant a small firearm in the entrance foyer of the church. Checkout the water before you go in for the early morning service...Good Luck!

Here is more on the pack from Wheelbarrow himself:-
There is no "backtracking" in this pak, so explore everywhere you can before moving on to the next level. I have tried to indicate those doors which will take you to the next map.

This pak is all about gang warfare, so don't expect to talk much....if it moves, kill it, before it kills you. A good example of this is the opening map.. if you walk into church with your piece drawn, you will die. If you mess with the body on the slab, you will die.

There is no new scripting (I wish), so it's up to you to figure out how to get thru the crowded sections alive. (lots of shooting!!) The ultimate goal is to make it to the head-honcho's suburban home, and make things right....
You can download The Funeral from here.

Check the readme for install instructions.

"House Of Death Part 1 & 2 Single Player Mappacks"
  posted June 10 - 2:41AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is one of the best single player episodes for Kingpin called House of Death. It was released in two parts separated by a number of years. This was because he had a HDD crash when he was first working on part 2 and lost all his work. He didn't start working on it again for some time.

House of Death1 is one of the best SP map packs for KP. This is how Sonik describes it:-
My first ever single player map pack!! Based in a haunted house, you will travel through the depths of it, and back to the surface. I added in some pretty interesting effects, like the flying sofa :). You also get to take a trip on a doomed runaway train!
SEVEN levels of frightening fun!

You can grab House of Death1 from here.

House of Death2 contains three SP maps and carries on from House of Death1. The mapping by Sonik is excellent making this one of the best SP packs ever for KP.

There are surprises at every turn (e.g you climb up a ladder and there is a bitch waiting at the top with a flamer ready to fry you good). There are lots of puzzles, mainly in the 'KIT Mod' style (e.g you have to get from one side of a room to the other negotiating your way over planks and ledges etc without falling to your death).
Sometimes you have to go back to places you have already been but Sonik does this very well by opening up new ways to get back there.

I found it hard, but very enjoyable, and ended up playing it on the easy level. I suggest saving often and explore every nook and cranny for health and any items as you will need them especially for the final battle! :)
You can download House of Death2 from here.

"Optimizer Weapon Skins"
  posted June 5 - 4:46PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Hee is a weapon skins pack that was created by Optimizer and contains different skins for the tommygun, flamethrower, grenade launcher and HMG. It also contains a great custom sound for the shotty.
The skins are all in a pak file.

You can download the Optimizer Weapon Skins from here.

"Custom Weapon Skins By Micketh"
  posted June 3 - 2:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Recently I posted about the chrome weapon skins but there are many other custom skins for the Kingpin weapons.

Micketh Micketh made some good custom weapon skins for the HMG, Bazooka and Flamer. They are all in pak files and the zips include readme's with install instructions.

Grey Bazooka Skin - The skin is a nice gun metal grey colour and includes world, player and HUD skins. This means you will see the new skin when you have the RL in your hand, when you are looking at an RL on the ground and when you see another player holding the RL.
Download the Grey Bazooka Skin from here.

Jungle AKL47 HMG Skin - Nice green and brown jungle camouflage skin. Includes new sounds.
Download the Jungle AKL47 HMG Skin from here.

Gold Flamethrower Skin - A gold coloured skin for the Flamethrower which also includes a skin for the flame tanks. You see the new skin in your HUD, on the ground and in other players hands when they are carrying the flamer.
Download Gold Flamethrower skin from here.

"SpongeBob Health Bags"
  posted May 31 - 10:14PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is another custom health bag made by Mr Knoxville.
This one is the popular cartoon character SpongeBob Square Pants.
So when you install this pak file all the large health bags will look like the SpongeBob character :)

The zip file contains the pak9 file and a readme on how to install it.
Download the SpongeBob Health Bag zipfile from here.

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