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Dragon's Textures By Hypo
QTracker Server Browser
New Art Work For Night Work At The Factory
Sunday Night Game On Oldschool Hogies
Storage Dump Death Match map
New Aussie Servers
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"Dragon's Textures By Hypo"
  posted April 14 - 4:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
These Dragon Textures were one of the zip files that was lost when our hosting was terminated. Luckily I had them on my HDD so I have uploaded them again.

These textures came about when Hypov8 was helping me with the Bagman version of the Junk Flea Tribute map. I asked him to make a few new Dragon's textures that I could use in the map.
He ended up making six new door textures (with Dragon's symbols on them) and one alpha texture which he has now released so other mappers can use them in their maps. Two of these textures (highlighted in the screenshots below) were used in the map.

You can download the Dragon's textures from here.

"QTracker Server Browser"
  posted April 7 - 5:40AM EDT by Mr.Damage
With the imminent shutdown of Gamespy master servers at the end of May I thought it would be prudent to post about another server browser called QTracker.

If you grab this you'll be able to use it to find games online (including Kingpin) after Gamespy is gone.

Check it out here.

"New Art Work For Night Work At The Factory"
  posted April 7 - 5:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Felikkz7 has released a nice piece of art work for his great single player episode Night Work at the Factory.

This was designed as if it was the cover art for Night Work if it was on a CD and came in a box (remember when computer games came in boxes *sigh*)

Btw, if you haven't played Night Work yet, you can grab it from here.

You can see many screenshots at his webpage here.

"Sunday Night Game On Oldschool Hogies"
  posted April 5 - 6:08PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here are the details for this Sunday night's game at the Oldschool Hogies server.
Mr Ruler will be there to host the game and the plan is to start the game between 7pm - 8pm GMT.

Server : Oldschool Hogies
IP Address :
Maxclients : 32
Monkey Mod : optional

To find out what time it is where you are when it is 7pm GMT check the world clock here.

"Storage Dump Death Match map"
  posted April 5 - 6:04PM EDT by Mr.Damage
DM Storagedump was one of the first maps Cujo/Stigma and I worked on together way back in 2002.

Storagedump is a large death match map which was converted from Half-Life. It's set in a large warehouse complex with both indoors and outdoors fighting areas. It's urban in theme and uses mostly Kingpin textures. It has lots of player spawns and ample weapons and other items.

You can download DM Storagedump from here.

"New Aussie Servers"
  posted April 4 - 3:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Macanah has just set up three Australian Kingpin servers.
Currently they are only up during the night time (Aussie time) but shortly they should be up 24/07.

There is a death match, bagman and co-op server (all running custom maps).

Server Details

Server : www.freewill-mnh.com bAgMan aus
IP Address :
Maxclients : 18
Monkey Mod : optional

Server : www.freewill-mnh.com Coop Kingpin
IP Address :
Maxclients : 4
Monkey Mod : optional

Server : www.freewill-mnh.com kingpin ffa
IP Address :
Maxclients : 24
Monkey Mod : optional

Always good to see new Kingpin servers :)

"Team Spam Bowl 2000"
  posted April 3 - 3:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Team Spam Bowl 200 is a large Bagman map made by Jaxon.

Each base has four corridors (two upper and two lower)that lead, firstly to the money drop area, then to the other team's base.

It has the usual weapon and item caches in the bases and uses a mixture of standard and custom textures.

You can download Team Spam Bowl 2000 from here.

"Team Skyscraper Bagman Map"
  posted April 1 - 2:20AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Team Skyscraper is a map made by Hogie with some help from Control (who made the elevators in the map).

This is a map set on giant buildings and the bases are atop of these buildings. The money drop is on a ledge that connects the two buildings. The safes have to be opened but the switches are nearby and can't be missed.

On the ground level there is some equipment and elevators that take you to the top of two side buildings where you can get the hmg, ammo and the cooling mod. From here you can take control of the map as these areas overlook the money drop area and the entry to the two bases.

You can download Team Skyscraper from here.

"Sunday Night Game of Curse Bagman"
  posted March 29 - 5:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder about the regular Sunday night game on the Oldschool Hogies Server. So there is a game again this Sunday 30th March.

Mr Ruler will be there to host the game and the plan is to start the game between 7pm - 8pm GMT.

Server : Oldschool Hogies
IP Address :
Maxclients : 32
Monkey Mod : optional

To find out what time it is where you are when it is 7pm GMT check the world clock here.

Screenshot from Sunday night:-

"Interlay Titles On Sale At GoG"
  posted March 28 - 4:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage
GoG.com have a weekend sale on all their Interplay titles (including Kingpin).

Many of the titles are $2.99 UDS but Kingpin is on sale for $4.99 USD.

The sale lasts until Tuesday April 1st.

You can check it out here.

"Lighting Tutorials for Mappers"
  posted March 26 - 5:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Reading an interesting forum post from Roarkes about how to how to reproduce the real colour of light sources in a rendered environment made me want to check what lighting tutorials we host for mappers.

We currently host three:-

Light Example An example map for the Light Tutorial
Light Tutorial
Light Styles

"Kingpin On Sale At Steam"
  posted March 24 - 4:06PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin is currently 50% off at Steam and is selling for $4.99 USD. It will be on sale until April 1st.

Check it out here.

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