EA Sports– An Evolution of Gaming

If you are a sports fan of any type, then there is likely a game made by EA Sports that covers your favourite spot. Many of the gaming company’s sports games cover US sports, but they have gone as far as to venture into other terrorises including the world-renowned UFC.

FIFA Football

FIFA Football is arguably one of the most popular games ever released by the sports gaming company. With the large majority of the world obsessed with football, aka soccer, FIFA was always going to be a huge hit.

Currently FIFA 2017 out and as usual all the latest transfer deals have been made. That means you can play FIFA in career mode with any new arrivals to any of the teams already vetted into the teams on the game. You can then manage your team to glory smashing any of the European leagues, as well as other leagues around the world, and winning some of the most prestigious honours football has to offer.

You can also play versus other players online in leagues and competitions. If you are natural at FIFA, then why not enter paid competitions as an e-sports player! There is millions of dollars a year put into worldwide online FIFA completions.

PGA Golf

Another hugely popular EA Sports game is of course based on golf. If you can’t play golf (like me), but you like the idea of the game and understand the rules, then you will love PGA Golf. I used to play Tiger Woods Golf on the PS2, but PGA Golf on my PC is just so much better.

You can play in matches versus your friends, play multi-player mode, go online and play versus other players, play in tournaments online versus other players, or play the PGA Gold single player mode and play on some of the best world circuits. Yes – we mean the actual world circuits that the PGA tour visits!

EA Sports have put so much effort into this game that world famous gold courses have been copied and made into courses for PGA Golf fans of the EA Sports favourite to play.


Now the UFC is available from EA Sports. The first version of the game came out in 2014. UFC 2, then came out in 2016, which was a massive hit. Now just around the corner is UFC 2018. All the top stars are in the game, and you can even build up your own UFC newbie and make a break for one of the titles.

Learn each of the UFC stars moves and make a break for the titles be it Middle Weight or Heavy Weight. You will also get the chance to fight on the UFCs big stage in Las Vegas!

Other games by EA Sports

One thing for sure is that EA Sports have been brave over their years. When we mean brave, we mean the software developer has branched out into many other sports. Here is a list of just a few of them.


  • FIFA Manager
  • NHL (National Hockey League)
  • NBA (National Basketball League)
  • John Madden American Football
  • Australian Rugby
  • Cricket
  • NCAA Football
  • Mario Andretti Racing
  • Rugby
  • Boxing

The list is endless with new releases of the most popular games always just around the corner. However, there is no doubt that that FIFA Football tops them all!