Overwatch Heroes: A Quick Game Overview

www.overwatch-boosting.com is becoming an increasingly popular site promoting the game Overwatch. Overwatch is a MOBA game and even those addicted to playing  League of Legends are jumping on the bandwagon thanks to Overwatch’s game similarity in strategy and tactics played on a creen view as a first person shoot em up game.

However, you shouldn’t think these games are similar in every way as Overwatch has a lot of unique gameplay elements and is better defined as a third person shooter based MOBA.

Throughout this article, we’re going to go over heroes, maps, objectives, strategy and how the flow of a game usually goes, so read below if you’re interested in learning more about the MOBA that is slowly and surely conquering its loyal fan-base and newcomers alike.

Controlling Heroes: An Overwatch Overview

When playing, you’re going to be controlling a hero in its team of six as you battle to take the other team down or simply to conquer objectives.

You need to choose a hero before each game, and this is where you have to start planning. You can be a rocket launcher behemoth, a stealth-based assassin, a fighter, a tank and so on, so we’ll have to go over hero types.

Hero Types: Defensive, Offensive, and Support

The offensive heroes take care of damage dealing, and so they need to destroy the enemy while the team focuses on objectives.

Defensive heroes, on the other hand, will want to interrupt attacks, fortify objectives and control the flow of battle as they soak damage up right on their opponent’s faces.

Finally, you have support heroes who are constantly helping their teammates and running things from the background. Your job is to provide utility, make your team survive against the worst of odds and empower them with valuable buffs.

What Maps Are Available?

You have different maps to play on, like Numbani, Volskaya and more, each with its own conditions and objectives you have to conquer to win the match.

The Assault matches are about defending or attacking objectives while escort missions are about making sure you escort your team’s objective towards its destination in a set amount of time while the other team tries to delay you at all costs.

There’s also the control map which has the two teams fight to control objectives, and the team that emerges victorious two rounds wins it all.

Finally, there’s a hybrid of Assault and Escort, in which you capture an objective only to escort the payload towards its destination after.

How to Win at Overwatch:

To win a game, you only need to complete the objectives, and that’s it. You’ll then be taken to a window where everyone sees each one’s contribution towards the win as they can also vote on the MVP (most valuable player) and watch the Play of the Game.

However, winning requires a great amount of strategy, not only in-game but starting out from hero selection, as we’re sure League of Legends players already knows.

The game is amazing in its complexity, as it is pretty hard to master, but also mindlessly fun in its simplicity and you’ll have no problem picking it up.

Now that you know more about this new MOBA game, it’s time you try it, so go ahead and let us know if you had fun after.