Online Gaming Keeps Internet Shops Alive

So many people say that internet shop businesses are dead. However, why are there still so many to be found? Online games are keeping the internet shops busier than ever!

Yes, WiFi is available on your phone, cheap pay as you SIM cards for travellers, and shopping centres, train stations, and more are all offering free WiFi – however, from what I can see is that internet shops are still alive and kicking – in fact in Asia I am see more and more cropping up.

You would have though technology would have killed the internet shop, and there was a time it quite literally was, but thanks to the gaming developers offering up free games via gaming sites such as Steam Gaming, and free account sign ups to other games like Counterstrike, have meant internet shops have survived despite the threat of WiFi and 3G/4G looking to be end for them.

How Are Internet Shops Still in Business?

Online gaming is the answer. Internet shops have always had online gamers, but mostly they were being used by passers-by that needed to log onto their Gmail or Yahoo account and send an email. Maybe book a hotel, or have a look for a local business. That kind of walk in business is rare these days for internet shops – but online gamers are helping the internet shop business thrive.

There are so many unbelievable online games available today that most kids and even adults (speaking for myself) still prefer to play in an internet shop with their friends rather than hooking up from hime.

Many Online Games are Multiple Player Games

Games like Counter Strike, League of Legends, Dota, and other big title games mean that you and your friends can play together as a team.

This is OK from home, but then if you have a family, or if you are younger than me, a mum and dad that keep asking you to do your homework, then the internet shop is the place to be.

There are Communities of Gamers in Every Internet Shop

When I look around the internet I play in, I see all kinds of different games going on. Friends sit In a row, or even wait for a row of seats to be available so they can play their team game.

Dota and League are Legends are by far the most popular. It is funny because the World of Tanks and Counterstrike players tend to keep to themselves occasionally glancing at the Dota and LOL games; however, when it comes to the competitive banter between Dota and LOL player it is actually a lot of fun.

It is like football fans debating whose team is better or who has the better players. There is a lot of respect and almost local hero like status if you happen to be the best player at the game in the internet shop.

Keeping Up with technology

There is one slight drawback for internet shops despite gaming being their saviour. In the past a cheap PC with just an internet connection was enough to keep the shop ticking over. However, with internet gaming, this is not the case.

To attract the gamers, the PC technology in the shop has to be as good or if not better than the next. That mean NViDEA graphics cards, high quality processing power, 8Gb of memory and increased internet costs. With so many players connecting on one connection, the bandwidth needs to be able to handle the number of people playing high intensity games.

If you have notices internet shops closing, it is mainly because the shop up the road saw the opportunity and made the investment in more modern technology to cope with the intensity the games put on the PCs and internet bandwidth.

Those that closed were mainly because the gamers were fed up with constant DCs, which usually ends up with a penalty on the game itself. Disconnects also hinder a player’s process in the game.

 Europe Versus Asia

I happen to be in Malaysia, and there are hundreds of internet shops in Kula Lumper. Also, if you go to Bangkok, you will see a lot of internet shops. Now in the past many of these shops targeted tourists, but now they are aimed and locals.

SIM cards are so cheap in both Malaysia and Thailand, plus they come with internet, there really is little call for travellers to use them. In the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam you will find the same applies. However, India and Bangladesh internet prices are quite expensive compared to the latter mentioned countries.

In Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore not so much, but both countries have their fair share of internet shops – the only problem is the cost of commercial rent in both these countries compared to that of Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Over in Europe, many cities such as London, Stockholm, and Paris, the story is very similar to Hong Kong and Singapore. Commercial rent is high, and this means pumping up the prices per hour. However, you will find that Singaporeans and Hong Kong residents are more affluent, and prices don’t seem to bother them as much as those in the frugal European market.

However, in the Eastern bloc countries such as Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, again internet shops seem to thrive largely because commercial rentals are cheaper.

Internet Shops are Still Alive and Well

Largely thanks to internet gaming, you can have a successful internet shop. A lot of this does depend on the price of commercial rent, which affects the shop owner’s ability to invest in the right hardware, and a decent internet connection as well as the prices charged. For now though, we can certainly say that internet shops are still alive and well with a continuing boom in the online gaming industry.