Online Gaming Keeps Internet Shops Alive

So many people say that internet shop businesses are dead. However, why are there still so many to be found? Online games are keeping the internet shops busier than ever!

Yes, WiFi is available on your phone, cheap pay as you SIM cards for travellers, and shopping centres, train stations, and more are all offering free WiFi – however, from what I can see is that internet shops are still alive and kicking – in fact in Asia I am see more and more cropping up.

You would have though technology would have killed the internet shop, and there was a time it quite literally was, but thanks to the gaming developers offering up free games via gaming sites such as Steam Gaming, and free account sign ups to other games like Counterstrike, have meant internet shops have survived despite the threat of WiFi and 3G/4G looking to be end for them.

How Are Internet Shops Still in Business?

Online gaming is the answer. Internet shops have always had online gamers, but mostly they were being used by passers-by that needed to log onto their Gmail or Yahoo account and send an email. Maybe book a hotel, or have a look for a local business. That kind of walk in business is rare these days for internet shops – but online gamers are helping the internet shop business thrive.

There are so many unbelievable online games available today that most kids and even adults (speaking for myself) still prefer to play in an internet shop with their friends rather than hooking up from hime.

Many Online Games are Multiple Player Games

Games like Counter Strike, League of Legends, Dota, and other big title games mean that you and your friends can play together as a team.

This is OK from home, but then if you have a family, or if you are younger than me, a mum and dad that keep asking you to do your homework, then the internet shop is the place to be.

There are Communities of Gamers in Every Internet Shop

When I look around the internet I play in, I see all kinds of different games going on. Friends sit In a row, or even wait for a row of seats to be available so they can play their team game.

Dota and League are Legends are by far the most popular. It is funny because the World of Tanks and Counterstrike players tend to keep to themselves occasionally glancing at the Dota and LOL games; however, when it comes to the competitive banter between Dota and LOL player it is actually a lot of fun.

It is like football fans debating whose team is better or who has the better players. There is a lot of respect and almost local hero like status if you happen to be the best player at the game in the internet shop.

Keeping Up with technology

There is one slight drawback for internet shops despite gaming being their saviour. In the past a cheap PC with just an internet connection was enough to keep the shop ticking over. However, with internet gaming, this is not the case.

To attract the gamers, the PC technology in the shop has to be as good or if not better than the next. That mean NViDEA graphics cards, high quality processing power, 8Gb of memory and increased internet costs. With so many players connecting on one connection, the bandwidth needs to be able to handle the number of people playing high intensity games.

If you have notices internet shops closing, it is mainly because the shop up the road saw the opportunity and made the investment in more modern technology to cope with the intensity the games put on the PCs and internet bandwidth.

Those that closed were mainly because the gamers were fed up with constant DCs, which usually ends up with a penalty on the game itself. Disconnects also hinder a player’s process in the game.

 Europe Versus Asia

I happen to be in Malaysia, and there are hundreds of internet shops in Kula Lumper. Also, if you go to Bangkok, you will see a lot of internet shops. Now in the past many of these shops targeted tourists, but now they are aimed and locals.

SIM cards are so cheap in both Malaysia and Thailand, plus they come with internet, there really is little call for travellers to use them. In the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam you will find the same applies. However, India and Bangladesh internet prices are quite expensive compared to the latter mentioned countries.

In Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore not so much, but both countries have their fair share of internet shops – the only problem is the cost of commercial rent in both these countries compared to that of Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Over in Europe, many cities such as London, Stockholm, and Paris, the story is very similar to Hong Kong and Singapore. Commercial rent is high, and this means pumping up the prices per hour. However, you will find that Singaporeans and Hong Kong residents are more affluent, and prices don’t seem to bother them as much as those in the frugal European market.

However, in the Eastern bloc countries such as Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, again internet shops seem to thrive largely because commercial rentals are cheaper.

Internet Shops are Still Alive and Well

Largely thanks to internet gaming, you can have a successful internet shop. A lot of this does depend on the price of commercial rent, which affects the shop owner’s ability to invest in the right hardware, and a decent internet connection as well as the prices charged. For now though, we can certainly say that internet shops are still alive and well with a continuing boom in the online gaming industry.


PlayStation VR: the newest and realest gaming experience

Virtual reality technology has been widely popular, and it has been employed in various industries and fields. Gaming is a vibrant one. PlayStation announced yesterday that the PlayStation VR will be released.
According to Mary Yee, the Vice President of PlayStation Marketing, PlayStation are bringing back the in-store demonstration program for PlayStation VR. They hope that as a result, more gamers or potential games can experience why PlayStation VR can provide them with a special gaming experience.
Virtual reality refers to a computer technology that generate realistic images and sounds to simulate the user’s physical presence in a virtual environment. This effect is created by VR headsets consisting of a pair of goggles with a screen in front of the eyes.
VR technology had been employed in various fields, including films making, healthcare and clinical therapies as well as education purposes. It has also military uses as armies employ the technology to train their solders.
According to Yee, the experience of PlayStation VR is magical’. This seems to be agreed by players.
The portfolio of PS VR games has been on the rise, and currently there are more than 100 games as at September 2017. Those games are from a wide variety of genres and types—End Space from Orange Bridge Studios Inc and Bloody Zombies from NDreams Ltd are two notable examples. Games released earlier included Sneaky Bears from War Ducks Ltd and Heroes of The Seven Seas from Time of Virtual Reality.
The first ever VR game released for PlayStation VR is VEVL Viva Ex Vivo from Truant Pixel, LLC at May, 2016.
Regarding the demonstration program, players can try out some of the games at more than 200 GameStop and Best Buy locations all across the USA. If you wish to find out the list of locations, you can visit the : link here
The games that you can enjoy at the demonstration include Final Fantasy XV, Dino Frontier, Voltron, Raw Data and more.
According to Yee, more game demos will be added towards the end of the year, and she urged gamers to keep an eye out for any updates here’ on the blog of PlayStation.
The demonstration program is welcomed by gamers, and they expressed that they are looking forward to trying out the newest PlayStationVR. Some said that they ‘cannot wait’ to visit one of the location and try out his favorite game series, while some said that they have already done, and have decided to buy one.
One the other hand, some gamers complained that the location of the demo spots are too far away from the place he lives, meaning that he will not be able to join the events. However, he added that he will still consider purchasing the PlayStationVR, and he has been a fan of PlayStation since he was young.
Another gamer commented that the demonstration program is not necessarily is a waste of resources, since without this program many of us will buy the PlayStationVR and closely following updates if any.’
More information regarding PlayStationVR and the demonstration program can be obtained on the website of PlayStation. Other new games information can also be found there.

Mobile Gaming and Its Incredible Rise

Unless you have been living on the moon in the past ten years, you would have noticed just how big the mobile gaming industry has become in that time. In fact, revenues from this gaming sector are strongly estimated to account for 42% of the sales across the entire gaming industry.

What are the reasons for this meteoric rise? With a doubt the reasons are the incredible advances in mobile technology over the last decade coupled with an improving internet and WiFi and the low cost of mobile devices capable of running the games. Players can pick up mobile devices cheaply these days that are more than capable of playing some of the best games on the market.

The Smartphone was only introduced around ten years ago, so when you consider how much the gaming aspect of them has improved in that time, it really is astonishing. Admittedly, in the beginning the experience was far from perfect, with many games consistently having glitches, devices regularly crashing and hanging and the games were very basic. However, that has massively changes in the ten years since as we now have some excellent gaming options to choose from using stable hardware and software that is not as resource intensive as it once was.

Additionally, when you consider that almost everyone has a smartphone these days but might not have a computer or console, you can see why mobile gaming might be popular. Not everyone can afford to splurge on both a smartphone (which is needed for calling) and then a high-end PC or console as well. So the market is instantly appealing to these people that before would not have had access to online gaming. They are essentially getting two for one with their device and are not losing out too much on performance either.

From Raw Roots

It would be fair to say that when mobile gaming first burst onto the market, it was more aimed at simply giving people the ability to fight the boredom for a few minutes at a time. Whether they were commuting on a bus or train, or waiting for something, players would be able to enjoy a game for a few minutes to pass that time.

Nowadays, while mobile gaming still carries that benefit with many of the short puzzle games available, many of the recent releases to hit the shelves are titles that become massively popular, attract huge interest and has players that spend most of their spare time playing. Gamers in many cases are now choosing to play mobile games instead of games on their computers and consoles. One reason for this is the wide choice of games available and the fact that games are low cost or free to play in many cases.

Free to Play Models

In reality, if players had to spend a lot of money to play mobile games, you’d expect that their popularity would be nowhere near what it is today. It is this ease of access that brings players in; as they know they can play for free, test out a game and then back it with making in game purchases when they feel it is worth it.

Have you ever bought a console or PC game and wished you hadn’t because it was not as good as you thought it would be?

Getting a refund will always prove difficult so in most cases it is lost money on a game that you do not enjoy. The free-to-play methods prevents this from happening, attracts more players to give the games a try and ensures that a percentage of them will be more than happy to spend if the game makes them happy enough. Some of the most popular free to play games are on sites like SCR888.

What the Future Holds

We can only assume that technology is going to continue to evolve at the same kind of meteoric rate that it has been doing for the past decade. When you start to think what that might lead to, it only leads to very exciting thoughts of massively popular games with very impressive graphics.

However, we feel that it’s important that mobile gaming does not forget its roots and the main reason why it became so popular in the first place. Short, fun and addictive games that can cure the boredom of people that need something to fill their time. Its very important to strike a balance between offering a variety of short burst mobile games and more intensive titles that will satisfy those that want a more sustained and immersive experience when at home.

Could Mobile Gaming Ever Replace PC or Console Gaming?

We doubt it will replace either as there will always be a core type of player that wants a dedicated system that is made purely for playing games on and nothing else. However, do we believe that the market shares will shift more in favour of mobile gaming? We think so, as the current growth of mobile gaming is showing.

Console gaming and PC gaming will still there for the most serious enthusiasts that prefer bigger screens and more intuitive control methods but there is no doubt that there will always be a place for mobile gaming in the high-tech world that we live in. You can find out more on the popularity of mobile gaming just by seeing eventd like the IMGA SEA Summit.


There is very little doubt that mobile gaming will continue to grow and improve and many more players will make the crossover into the niche. Whether casual players or serious players, the gaming niche will always have something to offer and while we’re starting to see some excellent titles now, it’s very exciting to think about what might be thrown up in the next decade, especially considering the growth we have witnessed in the last ten years.

It’s difficult to say whether the quality of games in terms of graphics will ever be as good as standalone consoles and PCs can offer but you can be certain that they will not be too far off – not in a way to take away from the gaming experience anyhow.

Know about the Game: Overwatch

images (8)Gaming industry has changed drastically in last two decades. From simple 2-dimentional games to multi-player, team based and customizable games. Although there are a lot of categories for computer based games like arcade, racing, strategy, FPS (First Person Shooter), action, mystery and many more but the game, which contains the excitement and elements from all these categories, is Overwatch. In today’s gaming world the most often question asked is what is Overwatch. So lets just read through this article and know what is Overwatch.

Overwatch is one of the most talked about games of this time, which cannot be dropped into a single gaming category. This is a team-based game which included multiplayer yet has excitement and action of first person shooter. Released in May 2016, this game is has compatible version for Windows, PlayStation and Xbox one.

Game Background:

Overwatch is inspired by the earlier games of the same company, Blizzard Entertainment. Games like Titan and Team Fortress 2 inspired this company to create a new game, which has all the successful elements of the previous products. After some beta versions in 2014 and 2015, company launched the full version of this game in 2016, which drew more than 9.7 million players.


Overwatch game has many playable characters and each character has some powers, attributes and abilities. Game puts players into two teams of six each. Every playable character falls in one of the categories, which are, defense, tank, support and offence. Though it’s a team game, it has the uniqueness of first person shooter and an individual player can enjoy its involvement in the game completely. With the huge map for missions and a lot of rewards to collect from, players work together to achieve a single goal. While accomplishing the team goal every player works based on its class. Tank character has a hug amount of armor and has caliber to fire down the enemies. Offense characters work on high speed attack whereas defense one work on securing and defending the area. Support characters provide support for main playing characters. Every individual character has a primary skill and some additional skill to play with.

Mission Types:

Overwatch has a huge variety of missions on the map. Assault type mission requires players to attack and capture target points whereas Escort type missions requires team to escort payload to a certain point within a time limit. Hybrid missions are a bit of a mixed of Assault and Escort missions.

Seeing the popularity of the game Overwatch, some services have come in the market, which help you growing and getting better place in the game. These service work for game guidance, game coaching, level boosting and overall rank boosting as well. These companies employ the best talents from the market who have great experience in gaming industry. These talented players help you right from the playing instructions to the rank and level boosting.

If you are a gaming enthusiast and your genre is action, first person shooter and team playing, Overwatch is the game for you. If you have read this article through, now you have known what is Overwatch.


Overwatch Heroes: A Quick Game Overview is becoming an increasingly popular site promoting the game Overwatch. Overwatch is a MOBA game and even those addicted to playing  League of Legends are jumping on the bandwagon thanks to Overwatch’s game similarity in strategy and tactics played on a creen view as a first person shoot em up game.

However, you shouldn’t think these games are similar in every way as Overwatch has a lot of unique gameplay elements and is better defined as a third person shooter based MOBA.

Throughout this article, we’re going to go over heroes, maps, objectives, strategy and how the flow of a game usually goes, so read below if you’re interested in learning more about the MOBA that is slowly and surely conquering its loyal fan-base and newcomers alike.

Controlling Heroes: An Overwatch Overview

When playing, you’re going to be controlling a hero in its team of six as you battle to take the other team down or simply to conquer objectives.

You need to choose a hero before each game, and this is where you have to start planning. You can be a rocket launcher behemoth, a stealth-based assassin, a fighter, a tank and so on, so we’ll have to go over hero types.

Hero Types: Defensive, Offensive, and Support

The offensive heroes take care of damage dealing, and so they need to destroy the enemy while the team focuses on objectives.

Defensive heroes, on the other hand, will want to interrupt attacks, fortify objectives and control the flow of battle as they soak damage up right on their opponent’s faces.

Finally, you have support heroes who are constantly helping their teammates and running things from the background. Your job is to provide utility, make your team survive against the worst of odds and empower them with valuable buffs.

What Maps Are Available?

You have different maps to play on, like Numbani, Volskaya and more, each with its own conditions and objectives you have to conquer to win the match.

The Assault matches are about defending or attacking objectives while escort missions are about making sure you escort your team’s objective towards its destination in a set amount of time while the other team tries to delay you at all costs.

There’s also the control map which has the two teams fight to control objectives, and the team that emerges victorious two rounds wins it all.

Finally, there’s a hybrid of Assault and Escort, in which you capture an objective only to escort the payload towards its destination after.

How to Win at Overwatch:

To win a game, you only need to complete the objectives, and that’s it. You’ll then be taken to a window where everyone sees each one’s contribution towards the win as they can also vote on the MVP (most valuable player) and watch the Play of the Game.

However, winning requires a great amount of strategy, not only in-game but starting out from hero selection, as we’re sure League of Legends players already knows.

The game is amazing in its complexity, as it is pretty hard to master, but also mindlessly fun in its simplicity and you’ll have no problem picking it up.

Now that you know more about this new MOBA game, it’s time you try it, so go ahead and let us know if you had fun after.


Why is MOBA gaming popular?

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games have continued to become more and more popular in the modern world. These games have a number of similarities with different sports such as basketball and soccer just to mention a few of them. I know that statements sound crazy to some people but that is the way it is. In other words, soccer and basketball are among the most played sports in the universe because of different traits that accompany them. This article have outlined some of the reasons why MOBA gaming is so popular.

Low barrier of entry

The low barrier of entry is among the things that have made these games more popular in the current world. Just like basketball and soccer where a group of young boys and girls can gather in order to play with or without skills, MOBA games are also easy to play. It does not take a high powered rig in order for players to take part in these gamers whenever they feel like doing so. The fact that you do not need anything special in order to play this game increases the potential audience of the same. In addition, a good percentage of these games are free to play. This means that any gamers with a computer and an internet connection can enjoy this game without digging deeper into his or her pocket in order to pay for anything.

Easily Accessible

There is no doubt that MOBA games are easily accessible than any other genre out there. What we are trying to imply here is that it is not difficult to play these games even if it is your first time to do so. The game comes with straightforward controls. Furthermore, the heroes of the game have a negligible difference in terms of power. It is easy to comprehend the objectives since they are literal Lanes that the players have to run down in order to defeat the enemy and become the final winners. Learning the basics of the game is as easy as taking an evening walk at the park with your spouse over the weekend. Everything about this game is straightforward thus you will not spend much time and effort on the same.

Ease of watching

You can turn to and you will come across different players watching this genre of games. This is because the number of MOBA developers keeps increasing from time to time. Some of the new developers that you might have heard about include Valve and Riot among others. These developers have tried all they can in order to make their games easy to understand. It does not take much effort so that you can learn how to play the different games.

In summary, MOBA genre of games is among the most popular. Many people have fallen in love with these games because of easy accessibility and watch-ability. In addition, the games boast of a low barrier of entry. The different positive attributes have made them a darling to online gamers since they keep downloading them. If you have never played a game in this genre then you should try League of Legends for an amazing experience.

League of Legends Game Creates Millionaires

Who would have though a computer game could become the center piece for pro tournaments with prize pools reaching up to $10 million – the 2015 team won a total of $1 million!!!

The game League of Legends has become so popular that there are now pro teams playing in organized tournaments that occur 3 or 4 times a year. The pros tell stories of how their parents would try to ban them from playing game because they were wasting their time on a computer rather than studying.

How wrong were those parents!

Those budding youngsters are now multi-millionaires winning prize money playing in pro tournaments. In addition, they are picking up extra cash from sponsorship deals meaning that becoming a computer game pro is similar to being a sports star.

Most of the parents were shocked to hear their son or daughter has become a superstar on a computer game that they never knew could be so popular. Of course with all the interest comes huge amounts of money; hence the gigantic prize pools that League of Legends produces.

The Last Final Conjured Up 360 million Hours’ Worth of Viewing

It’s amazing that so many people are so interested in a computer game, but then you start to play League of Legends and you totally understand all the hype.

3 lanes to fight down, jungle and terrain in between and each team has their own set of fighters each with their own special skills. Each player is controlled by a different player so you end up playing with good players and bad players making every game different.

Another very interesting point is that from playing the games you can actually make friends. Eventually when you have made enough League of Legends friends you can form a team and join tournaments where you can compete competitively.

Once you start getting into team games and team versus team action, then the game changes into something akin to a game of chess (except with a whole lot more action)!

If you make the wrong move, or even chose the wrong Champion (player), then the game could be over even before it starts!

Coaching Careers in League Legends

Many of the pros are also coaches. They are generally players on the brink of being pro at the game League of Legends but have not quite got what takes to make it or just hasn’t been lucky enough to part of the right team just yet.

Believe us when we tell you that these coaches still earn a very healthy living from the game.

For many, having a job that means they can play their favorite computer game is something of a dream. However, the dream can easily become a reality if you have what it takes. Coaches can earn anything from $15 to $500 an hour depending on their clientele and their ability.

Coaching and Boosting

There are right now a number of websites out there hiring coaches to help LOL players improve their performance. The company also helps players boost their accounts so they do not get stuck playing with some of the less serious players in the game.

Those less serious players can be the ones that choose the wrong Champion to play with or they do not play the correct role that they should during in the game – by not playing the correct role the rest of the team can be negatively affected by this and lose the game.

The great thing about boosting and coaching is that they both go hand in hand. The coaching will help improve a player’s game. Boosting will help a player into teams and games where the other contestants know exactly what their role is in the game.

Playing with better players and experienced players is very important. That’s because there is less chance of the basic elements to the game being ignored; something you see with lesser experienced players who negatively affect the rest of the team.

Coaching and boosting helps players get to this point and also gives those natural players the chance to see whether they have what it takes to become a pro!

Finding and Playing the Best Adventure Game

Different people have different preferences, but many of them have discovered that the internet provides a wide variety of entertaining options. There are plenty of games that can now be played directly online, and the access is so easy that even a child can do it. From all those games that are available, there is one type that is preferred by many actually. We’re talking here about the adventure games that can be played online or that can be downloaded f710-gaming-gamepad-imagesdirectly into the computers.

However, to get access to this, you’re going to need to know how to find the best adventure game in the online environment.

What You Like

First of all, you’re going to need to know what type of game you’d like to play. There are different games, even for those that are of the adventure type – you’ll get to choose between games that transport you to other galaxies, games that set the action into a distant future or simply games that are full of imaginary heroes from different magical races. It’s all up to you what kind of game you like – with faeries or aliens, with orcas or soldiers from the future and so on.

Get Online

Once you’ve decided on what kind of game you’d like to play, the online offers you plenty of options. All you have to do is get online and look for the type of game that you want. Searching for adventure games offers you plenty of selections, and you can browse through them to see the characters, the plot and even the story behind the game.

Get an Account

Once you’ve found the game, you’re going to need an account. As many of the games are free of charge, it won’t cost you anything to play it so you can go ahead and choose a username and a password. All this process will take up about a few minutes, but pay attention to what you choose, because you’re going to need to use them later for a new sign-in process, so don’t forget them.

Choosing the Character

Every adventure game has different characters to choose from, so you’re going to do this too. Pay attention because each character has different “powers” or “skills”, so depending on what you’re going to need on the game, read the description of every one of them. Male or female, every one of them is spectacular, in both looks and skills, so don’t -eu-07nov14expect to find something ordinary. They are built for offering you the chance of winning the round or even the war.


Once you’ve chosen your character, make sure you read the plot of the game. You’ll see if you can play in a team (live, directly online) or if you can play the game alone. Some games allow you to do this, and you’ll pass from one level to another, while others can be played only in teams. Usually, it’s more fun to do it this way, because it allows you to get connected with other players from all over the world. Apart from this, your skills will increase and so will the score of your character, so to get a higher ranking, you’ll have to play quite often.

The truth is that these adventure games can catch your attention very fast, they are addictive and they are also fun to play, helping you relax and enjoy some quality time after a hard day of working. It’s easy to find something that you like with all the multitude of available games, and even 10 minutes per day can help you with spending some time just for yourself.