images (8)Gaming industry has changed drastically in last two decades. From simple 2-dimentional games to multi-player, team based and customizable games. Although there are a lot of categories for computer based games like arcade, racing, strategy, FPS (First Person Shooter), action, mystery and many more but the game, which contains the excitement and elements from all these categories, is Overwatch. In today’s gaming world the most often question asked is what is Overwatch. So lets just read through this article and know what is Overwatch.

Overwatch is one of the most talked about games of this time, which cannot be dropped into a single gaming category. This is a team-based game which included multiplayer yet has excitement and action of first person shooter. Released in May 2016, this game is has compatible version for Windows, PlayStation and Xbox one.

Game Background:

Overwatch is inspired by the earlier games of the same company, Blizzard Entertainment. Games like Titan and Team Fortress 2 inspired this company to create a new game, which has all the successful elements of the previous products. After some beta versions in 2014 and 2015, company launched the full version of this game in 2016, which drew more than 9.7 million players.


Overwatch game has many playable characters and each character has some powers, attributes and abilities. Game puts players into two teams of six each. Every playable character falls in one of the categories, which are, defense, tank, support and offence. Though it’s a team game, it has the uniqueness of first person shooter and an individual player can enjoy its involvement in the game completely. With the huge map for missions and a lot of rewards to collect from, players work together to achieve a single goal. While accomplishing the team goal every player works based on its class. Tank character has a hug amount of armor and has caliber to fire down the enemies. Offense characters work on high speed attack whereas defense one work on securing and defending the area. Support characters provide support for main playing characters. Every individual character has a primary skill and some additional skill to play with.

Mission Types:

Overwatch has a huge variety of missions on the map. Assault type mission requires players to attack and capture target points whereas Escort type missions requires team to escort payload to a certain point within a time limit. Hybrid missions are a bit of a mixed of Assault and Escort missions.

Seeing the popularity of the game Overwatch, some services have come in the market, which help you growing and getting better place in the game. These service work for game guidance, game coaching, level boosting and overall rank boosting as well. These companies employ the best talents from the market who have great experience in gaming industry. These talented players help you right from the playing instructions to the rank and level boosting.

If you are a gaming enthusiast and your genre is action, first person shooter and team playing, Overwatch is the game for you. If you have read this article through, now you have known what is Overwatch.