Who would have though a computer game could become the center piece for pro tournaments with prize pools reaching up to $10 million – the 2015 team won a total of $1 million!!!

The game League of Legends has become so popular that there are now pro teams playing in organized tournaments that occur 3 or 4 times a year. The pros tell stories of how their parents would try to ban them from playing game because they were wasting their time on a computer rather than studying.

How wrong were those parents!

Those budding youngsters are now multi-millionaires winning prize money playing in pro tournaments. In addition, they are picking up extra cash from sponsorship deals meaning that becoming a computer game pro is similar to being a sports star.

Most of the parents were shocked to hear their son or daughter has become a superstar on a computer game that they never knew could be so popular. Of course with all the interest comes huge amounts of money; hence the gigantic prize pools that League of Legends produces.

The Last Final Conjured Up 360 million Hours’ Worth of Viewing

It’s amazing that so many people are so interested in a computer game, but then you start to play League of Legends and you totally understand all the hype.

3 lanes to fight down, jungle and terrain in between and each team has their own set of fighters each with their own special skills. Each player is controlled by a different player so you end up playing with good players and bad players making every game different.

Another very interesting point is that from playing the games you can actually make friends. Eventually when you have made enough League of Legends friends you can form a team and join tournaments where you can compete competitively.

Once you start getting into team games and team versus team action, then the game changes into something akin to a game of chess (except with a whole lot more action)!

If you make the wrong move, or even chose the wrong Champion (player), then the game could be over even before it starts!

Coaching Careers in League Legends

Many of the pros are also coaches. They are generally players on the brink of being pro at the game League of Legends but have not quite got what takes to make it or just hasn’t been lucky enough to part of the right team just yet.

Believe us when we tell you that these coaches still earn a very healthy living from the game.

For many, having a job that means they can play their favorite computer game is something of a dream. However, the dream can easily become a reality if you have what it takes. Coaches can earn anything from $15 to $500 an hour depending on their clientele and their ability.

Coaching and Boosting

There are right now a number of websites out there hiring coaches to help LOL players improve their performance. The company also helps players boost their accounts so they do not get stuck playing with some of the less serious players in the game.

Those less serious players can be the ones that choose the wrong Champion to play with or they do not play the correct role that they should during in the game – by not playing the correct role the rest of the team can be negatively affected by this and lose the game.

The great thing about boosting and coaching is that they both go hand in hand. The coaching will help improve a player’s game. Boosting will help a player into teams and games where the other contestants know exactly what their role is in the game.

Playing with better players and experienced players is very important. That’s because there is less chance of the basic elements to the game being ignored; something you see with lesser experienced players who negatively affect the rest of the team.

Coaching and boosting helps players get to this point and also gives those natural players the chance to see whether they have what it takes to become a pro!