Virtual reality technology has been widely popular, and it has been employed in various industries and fields. Gaming is a vibrant one. PlayStation announced yesterday that the PlayStation VR will be released.
According to Mary Yee, the Vice President of PlayStation Marketing, PlayStation are bringing back the in-store demonstration program for PlayStation VR. They hope that as a result, more gamers or potential games can experience why PlayStation VR can provide them with a special gaming experience.
Virtual reality refers to a computer technology that generate realistic images and sounds to simulate the user’s physical presence in a virtual environment. This effect is created by VR headsets consisting of a pair of goggles with a screen in front of the eyes.
VR technology had been employed in various fields, including films making, healthcare and clinical therapies as well as education purposes. It has also military uses as armies employ the technology to train their solders.
According to Yee, the experience of PlayStation VR is magical’. This seems to be agreed by players.
The portfolio of PS VR games has been on the rise, and currently there are more than 100 games as at September 2017. Those games are from a wide variety of genres and types—End Space from Orange Bridge Studios Inc and Bloody Zombies from NDreams Ltd are two notable examples. Games released earlier included Sneaky Bears from War Ducks Ltd and Heroes of The Seven Seas from Time of Virtual Reality.
The first ever VR game released for PlayStation VR is VEVL Viva Ex Vivo from Truant Pixel, LLC at May, 2016.
Regarding the demonstration program, players can try out some of the games at more than 200 GameStop and Best Buy locations all across the USA. If you wish to find out the list of locations, you can visit the : link here
The games that you can enjoy at the demonstration include Final Fantasy XV, Dino Frontier, Voltron, Raw Data and more.
According to Yee, more game demos will be added towards the end of the year, and she urged gamers to keep an eye out for any updates here’ on the blog of PlayStation.
The demonstration program is welcomed by gamers, and they expressed that they are looking forward to trying out the newest PlayStationVR. Some said that they ‘cannot wait’ to visit one of the location and try out his favorite game series, while some said that they have already done, and have decided to buy one.
One the other hand, some gamers complained that the location of the demo spots are too far away from the place he lives, meaning that he will not be able to join the events. However, he added that he will still consider purchasing the PlayStationVR, and he has been a fan of PlayStation since he was young.
Another gamer commented that the demonstration program is not necessarily is a waste of resources, since without this program many of us will buy the PlayStationVR and closely following updates if any.’
More information regarding PlayStationVR and the demonstration program can be obtained on the website of PlayStation. Other new games information can also be found there.